We’re Saving Money Each Year Without Even Trying!

We’re Saving Money Each Year Without Even Trying!

"I was spending two hours a day, at least, dealing with disgruntled employees. Most people would just say “that’s business” but in my line of business I can’t afford to have a disgruntled staff. I need to give them the tools to do their jobs.

Ace Corner Hardware supplies builders. In other words, we are in charge of managing our clients’ most precious asset: their homes. We pride ourselves that we are the company that gives instant customer service, but we were getting to the point where it was extremely difficult. The tools we needed to deliver our services were missing. We are extremely reliant on our IT, and it just wasn’t working for us.

For example, between my own spam and those of my employees, I estimate we were losing upward of six person hours per day; that calculates out to about $30,000 per year in lost productivity. That’s only in regards to spam. Then along came ItCon.

We were recommended to ItCon by our business consultant, who felt that ItCon was the best company for us. It has proven to be both a fulfilling and a wonderful experience. When I heard what ItCon was offering, I said, This is what I need. I need to depend on a company that I can pick up the phone and know that they will be here 24 hours a day.

Goodbye Problems, Hello Safety And Security!

Not only has ItCon rid my company of the burden of IT; they have put a lasting end to recurring problems we were having with 3rd party vendors. They have taken anything “technical” under their wings, and make sure it’s all working as well as can be expected from the 3rd party. They have even updated the voice on our automated prompts! They have introduced a more secure, reliable backup program than our old tape backups.

Having the right technology systems in place has helped us be more responsive, deliver great customer service, and realize efficiencies we could never have imagined back when things were cruising along. Our business has grown so much since ItCon has come on board. I truly believe that ItCon helped us grow and helped us get and maintain the clients that we have. I think it’s wonderful."

Ace Corner Hardware, Brooklyn, NY