The healthcare industry hasn’t always been associated with embracing technology.

But as a new year begins, health systems, hospitals and providers are looking at digital tools in new ways, from improving patient care to managing their businesses more efficiently. Many organizations are turning to technology to reduce pressures on overworked staff. Some are also hoping technology can help address mounting cost pressures as many health systems continue to struggle financially.

Of course, many are looking at the potential of artificial intelligence to transform healthcare. Some healthcare leaders are also calling for strong guardrails to ensure AI is used safely.

As 2024 begins, healthcare technology leaders shared their projections for the coming year. Yes, many of the projections below center on AI. But healthcare leaders also offer thoughts on the digital health industry, using data more effectively, e-prescribing and other topics.

Leaders also offered suggestions on using technology wisely. Increasingly, analysts urge healthcare leaders to avoid simply going for the latest tool or gadget, and focus on implementing new technology as part of a sound strategy to serve patients better and operate more efficiently.

“Every year in healthcare hope springs eternal that we will finally see true disruption and change that delivers both significant improvement in the quality of patient care and substantial cost containment. And yet, every year the industry falls short on that aspiration. 2024, as much as any year in the last 40 years, shows the promise to replace that aspiration with innovation. There is a burgeoning new intersection between industry innovators and healthcare GPOs that stands poised to make that disruption a reality.”

“Advancements in AI are poised to be the driving force behind successful healthcare operations in the coming year. AI can streamline non-clinical processes including claims denial and prior authorization, areas where many hospitals still lack automation. AI's value extends to provider data management and physician credentialing, ushering in immediate efficiencies to offset workforce shortages and rising operating costs.”

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