Is Your Current IT And Cyber Security Solution Right For You?


Get sidetracked with IT and cyber security problems that holds you and your company back from focusing on your company’s bigger goals and desired growth?


Always speak to someone different and find yourself repeating the same problem all the time which causes the issues to linger and not get resolved properly?


Find that your employees constantly have IT and cyber security issues that causes a lot of downtime and they are not educated in cyber security?


Feel that your existing provider does not take the time to truly understand and care for the inner workings and culture of your business and your personal needs?


Not feel confident that projects are being handled properly and feel it should be done with an approved plan of action created specifically to fit your companies ways?

Are You Searching For…

A Highly-Responsive, Local IT And Security Company

That specializes in becoming a part of your team to support, secure and grow the IT department of your healthcare practice, support your EMR, HIPAA compliance, improve your practice flow for better efficiency, lower costs and enable you to focus on your business growth?

Fast Response Time with Live Support 24/7

Proven quality support and 10+ years’ experience to ensure that your issues are solved quickly by recognizable members of a team who together have a wealth of experience in IT support sector. Added to the fact that you will be provided with the best high standard equipment to reduce the number of problems your users may face in their day to day activities.

To Ease Engagement And Eliminate Speed Bumps

We also track tickets to identify and analyze issues in order to proactively manage your IT systems and our Technical Account Managers actively share information to complement their combined knowledge base. This decreases user frustration as they will have less issues to deal with. The way we work leads to greater time efficiency, a pro-active secure network and therefore a reduction in your overall IT costs.

A Partner You Can Trust With Your Business

Most of our new customers leave their current provider because they do not trust them to deliver quality support or they feel like other, sometimes larger companies, are being given priority over them. ItCon works with companies of all sizes and everyone gets handled with the same level of respect and the tickets get resolved within level of importance so that pressing issues, which could disturb the everyday running of the business are handled before smaller less urgent ones.

An IT And Security Plan That’s Tailored-To-Your-Needs

We work closely with our clients to learn, understand their needs and modify our IT plan be it getting legal certifications, licenses, government programs, or customized programs to fit into your culture. When it comes to anything technical or non-technical no matter the size, you can trust us for the advice and guidance that you need to grow your company.

To avoid HIPAA & Regulatory Compliance Audits

With constant HIPAA and Regulatory Compliance assessments, risk mitigation best practices, and continuous staff training along with personal assistance along the way you will always be up to date with all your compliance's.

I Didn’t Believe It Would Happen To Me

Unfortunately, That Excuse Doesn’t Replenish Your Bank Account, Resolve A Data Breach Or Erase Any Fines And Lawsuits.

Cyber criminals and hackers are constantly inventing NEW ways to infiltrate your company, steal your assets and disrupt your life.

Start Fighting Cyber Crime with KNOWLEDGE and ACTION!

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Some of our Success Stories

Co-Managed It That Works!

ItCon set up a functioning worry-free co-managed IT department for us. They are on top of EVERYTHING be it technical, security, personal relationships or miscellaneous tasks. ItCon takes it all upon themselves, they dot all their i’s and cross all their t’s. Every person at ItCon is vigilant about not letting anything fall through the cracks. Our in-house IT staff has an amazing, transparent, working relationships with them and ItCon created the possibility to get everyone on the same page working as a team, to be as efficient and productive as possible. I am truly happy that I hired ItCon to be part of our team!

Joel Kestenbaum Chief Operating Officer
ODA Primary Health Care Network

Personalized, Professional, & Responsive!

From my experience working with other firms, ItCon’s customer service sets them apart from their peers. ItCon’s scale-able solution allowed us to grow by more than 300% with no worries about IT and Security staffing, training or recruitment. I can count on their personalized, proactive and responsive service, whether it’s at 2am on a Sunday or a 2pm on a Wednesday. With ItCon always being there for us, I know my IT and cyber security needs are addressed no matter how big or small they are, and my company is functioning smoothly with a reliable team at its side.

Mordechai Binder Mordechai Binder COO
Daas Wellness

Treats Us With Respect, Dignity And Has A Can-Do Attitude!

Every companies biggest fear is getting hacked, from when ItCon joined our team they took that fear away. With ItCon’s exceptional security and protection we do not have ANY breaches and they keep us educated on the importance of security. ItCon is there to service us 24/7, they have a good ticket system that gets answered in a timely manner. If an urgent matter should occur, we get full support from the entire team and they will come into our office on weekends, after hours or work through night well into the morning hours till they fix the issue. ItCon always treats us with respect, dignity and has a CAN-DO attitude. We have a small business type of relationship with the owners of ItCon (when its required) and the professionalism of a large company. ItCon is an IT company that truly cares and does the right thing!

Meyer Gross Vice President of Sales
Tiger Industries, Inc.