Watch the legendary Leah Freiman and other industry leading individuals sharing their professional secrets which led them to their ULTIMATE success. Hear the challenges that we all face and educated in the cyber security. Learn and grow from their stories!

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Are you completely fed up with chronic computer problems and escalating IT costs? Do you worry that your backups and IT security are lacking? Are you concerned that your IT guy doesn’t have a handle on things? Learn the best ways to eliminate your IT problems and get the most ROI from your IT network. This approach has SAVED our clients THOUSANDS of DOLLARS and we are happy to share it with you.

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Some of our Success Stories

The Personal Touch!

Having an It and cyber security provider we can fully rely on is extremely important when our day depends on our computers. We had a lot of frustrating experiences with our previous providers and since we hired ItCon we sleep comfortably at night knowing our IT and cyber security systems are taken care of and well protected. ItCon is very responsive, after a storm our server has been down, we were having difficulty logging into our computers and ItCon saved the day by taking care of it right away. They take the time to explain what is wrong, what needs to be done to fix it and get it done in an efficient timely manner. We are very happy with the services ItCon provides and recommend them to many of our friends. Give ItCon a call, you will be glad you did.

Shulem Green Chief Executive Officer
Midwood Distributors

Proven High Quality!

ItCon has proved to me that high quality, reliable, stress-free IT truly does exist. Their personal relationship is outstanding, and it makes me feel confident that my company is in good hands. If any issues should occur, ItCon is always there to get it resolved. Even non-IT related questions can always be discussed with them, and they will help us by way of introductions and possible solutions. They are the best business partner I’ve ever worked with. Finding an IT MSSP that will respond as efficiently and effectively as they do was what helped me scale my business stress-free!

Avrum Laufer Chief Executive Officer
Laufer Financial Services

ItCon Is My It And Cyber Security Department!

I need to ensure that I provide my team with a reliable IT network and technical support which allows them to do their job with minimum downtime. So, when our IT and cyber security solutions wasn’t working, I was looking for an IT and cyber security provider and hired ItCon. ItCon did not just provide us with a product or service they gave me an IT and cyber security department. I trust the guidance I get from Leah and the team and this allows me to add value to the business in other areas. I see ItCon as my IT Department and therefore trust is a high factor in our relationship, I feel confident that I don’t have to question their guidance. Businesses are made up of people and the people keep the clients. We are continually called by competitors to ItCon and the key reason I don’t entertain them is because we work well with the individuals within ItCon. My team feels comfortable with their team and this makes a difference. I feel they take the smallest project (installing a printer) just as seriously as the larger ones like setting up a new office. If you didn’t meet anyone from ItCon yet, I’d suggest you meet them. I confidently say that ItCon supports and works in close relationship with my business. Relationships are key and are developed through time. IT companies can all sound the same, its only when you test the service and interact with the people that you see the difference. Give ItCon a ring today.

Milton Berg Milton Berg CEO
MB Advisors