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Some of our Success Stories

No More Sleepless Nights!

As a business owner I had constant sleepless nights worrying about losing our data, ItCon makes sure that’s one thing I don’t worry about anymore because our computer system and the irreplaceable data it holds is in great hands. That reassurance you don’t get that with most IT firms. We constantly get compliments from our clients and business partners about how efficiently our business runs. ItCon has done a tremendous job at making sure we have the fastest and most up-to date systems in place to enable us to get things done in the shortest amount of time. We are a very fast-growing company and our network holds a lot of critical data that need to be secured and that I could never afford to lose. If we had a disaster like a fire or a tornado, I know that we would be back up and running the next day because ItCon is constantly monitoring our backups and our system to make sure nothing is going wrong that would jeopardize the security of our data and our records. I also have the peace of mind knowing that my employees have someone to call who will get us back up and running ASAP if something goes down. You almost can’t put a price on it. I trust ItCon and have a personal relationship with the owners. That’s important to me because it gives me confidence that I can completely trust them to do what’s right for my company, you don’t get that with most IT firms!

Shulem Bodansky Chief Executive Officer
Perlman Square

Itcon Helps Us Work On Our Business, Not In Our Business!

My Company has been in Business for many years and ItCon is the only IT Company I have used. They have grown with my company from just a handful of people to over 50 employees. ItCon has been a key part of the team in helping our company grow to its current level. ItCon stays involved, in tune with the times and technology. They allow us to do what we do best as an electrical contractor. They find ways to bring technology to our team for better production and information distribution. ItCon has always treated my company with a personal touch, as a team member not just another client. All companies are only as strong as their people and the people at ItCon will join your team and do their part. Bring them on as a team member. They find ways to bring technology to our team for better production and information distribution.

Eli Weiss Chief Executive Officer
Weiss Realty & Management

ItCon Is A Time-Saver!

I used to get caught up with it issues and it disrupted the workflow of my business. Ever since ItCon came onboard I don’t spend valuable time solving IT and cyber security problems plus there are less problems than before. I now spend my time working on deals that will bring in more money for my company and have also had some time to expand into real estate investments. ItCon's business care solution and cyber security is like having a full time MSSP department at the ready without the costs. I like being able to call for IT help and get a near-immediate response. Recently I arrived at my office to find that I was unable to access documents on the network server from my workstation. It was holiday season and I was under a tremendous pressure for getting all orders out on time and needed immediate access to the documents. I placed a service ticket with ItCon and within 2 minutes I had an ItCon tech logged into my system and working on the problem. Also, having ItCon do the IT and cyber security work has provided invaluable continuity of the IT solutions used in my company. Thanks!

Shana Binder Chief Financial Officer
Daas Wellness