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Leah Freiman
Chief Executive Officer

Moshe Freiman
Chief Information Officer
Chief Operating Officer

Yoel Rosman
Service Manager
Chief Experience Officer

Chana Lieberman
Chief Finance Officer

Lana Heilpern
Admin Assistant

Gitty Gefner
Administrative Assistant

Shia Hollander
Projects Manager
Account Manager

Hershy Fried
Network Engineer
Network Security Engineer

Jenniffer J. Moncion
SOC - Security Analyst
Level 3 Helpdesk Engineer

Pinchas Gertner
Project Engineer

Tzippy Braun
Service Coordinator

Avrohom Jacobs
Helpdesk Technician

David Pressman
Helpdesk Technician

Alan E. Cedeno
Helpdesk Technician

Pedro Rivera
Helpdesk Technician

Avrohom Menachem Laufer
Helpdesk Technician

Chaim Silber
Sales Associate

We Are Hiring!
Sales Development Representative

Shiela M. Araneta
List Cleaner

Eva Lovelyn Barot
Back-Office Assistant

Honey M. Libaton
List Cleaner

Allanna Joy H. Quiamco
Social Media Developer

Julian Salazar
Low Voltage/Access Control

Craig Beck
Proactive Maintenance

William Biergel
Proactive Maintenance

Some of our Success Stories

Priceless Network Security!

ItCon gives us the ability to work in ease and grow our business by providing us with a secure network where we know what is really happening on our network Security, that is PRICELESS! If approached by someone who is looking for an IT firm, I would ask them “Do you trust this person with your business? Would you be comfortable seeing this person and their team when everything is hitting the fan? If the answer is no to either than don’t hire them to handle your IT. With ItCon I can confidently say the answer always YES!”

Yehuda Rosenstock Yehuda Rosenstock Director
Tiger Companies, Inc.

ItCon's Quick Response Is Unbelievable!

When you’re running a fast pace business getting a good IT and cyber security company is one of those things that get put on the back burner and you just deal with what you have. We finally took the time to invest in ItCon and the only regret I have is why I did not do it sooner. Our network was down one night due to a power outage, ItCon responded right away and had it taken care of before the next morning; your quick response to correct any issues that arises is unbelievable. All the employees in your company are top grade techs and we are very happy with your service. I would also like to thank you for how you took care of our firewall issue; you guys took care of the problem and upgraded our firewall with a better unit at no expense to us. Thanks!” When we had a hard drive failure on one of our systems, you called us and told us the hard drive was going to fail! You ordered another one and changed it before we felt anything! That’s amazing! When we called you to come join our company, we envisioned break/fix service. We never thought we’d get an entire team that gives such exceptional service!

Steve Deutch Vice President
Midwood Distributors

Best Decision I Ever Made!

Before ItCon, I felt like I was suffering from symptoms with undiagnosed illness then I finally found a doctor who could help! Thank you. I often try to fiddle around with things, thinking the software manuals were written for people like me. After becoming increasingly frustrated and to the point of despair, your team comes in with the confidence necessary to take the strain off my shoulders. Using ItCon has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now I don’t need to remind myself to call them first and not waste time in trying to do things myself, I remember to make the call because like that I have the time to work on new projects to grow my business.

Avrum Laufer Chief Executive Officer
Laufer Financial Services