ItCon: The Industry’s Leading Managed IT  and Cyber Security Services Providers in the New York Metro Area

We enable you to grow your healthcare practice by having the responsibility of your IT infrastructure and cyber security be ours. We look at your business in a holistic manner and understand that your data is the foundation that always needs to be strong and protected. 

- Leah Freiman, CEO

Who Is Leah Freiman And Why Is Everyone In The IT Industry Talking About Her?

Leah Freiman is a cybercrime expert. ItCon’s success as a leading IT and Cybersecurity company is driven by the passion that Leah Freiman has for helping people. Before Leah founded ItCon, she worked as a mortgage broker and taught music on the side. Her love of helping others played itself out in both jobs. As a mortgage broker, Leah took clients with bad credit and debt and helped them get loans with low taxes and closing costs. As a music teacher, she used her skills to help ‘special’ children expand their capabilities and find joy in music.

On a professional level, her passion is to help companies thrive by overcoming issues that could undermine all their best efforts to succeed. In the process of working closely with the clients of her computer repair company she formed with her husband, the destructive power of cybercrime became dramatically and drastically evident. More and more companies around the globe were falling prey to aggressive cyber attacks. The financial damage and loss of business were insufferable. Leah Freiman applied her energy, drive, and focus on creating a company that would provide clients with all-encompassing tools and tactics needed to successfully secure the future for numerous clients.

Leah Freiman is a recognized expert in the cybersecurity industry. She provides cybersecurity training for many large organizations, has been called upon to deliver a presentation to the NYAII in Albany, has lectured at Touro College, and is the founder of ITCON2019, the Premier Cybersecurity Conference for Business Owners. Leah starred in the movie Cyber Crime, a documentary film that explores the world of cybercrime and how you can avoid becoming a victim. She is also the author of “Double Your Revenue with the Right Technology”, an Amazon bestseller that teaches business owners how technology can help them grow rather than be an added business expense.

ItCon represents her passion for creating awareness and providing solutions for companies looking to grow their business with the right technology and fighting cybercrime activities.

Our Mission

Here at ItCon, we have a unique way of building relationships with you and your staff with our white glove service policy. Many businesses may experience a poor relationship with their IT provider or feel frustrated by a lack of interest, transparency, planning or on-site presence. Our frequent visits, weekly meetings and quarterly business reviews are designed to get a deeper insight of your business, so we can really understand what is best for your company way and what is important to you. It gives us the ability spot obstacles, problems, and trends so we can best customize our processes we can offer proper guidance, solutions, planning, strategy, and permanent fixes to recurring problems. We make sure your entire company fully understand the new processes and procedures to keep your staff working productively and their IT systems up and running, saving you both time and money.

We are available from 8:30am-6pm and with a live representative on call 24/7 to help you with all your needs or urgent matters and will stop at nothing until it is resolved. We run pro-active managing for all our customers’ accounts and weekly ‘housekeeping’ service, to ensure our clients avoid unexpected problems.

We have industry leading 7-minute response time with proven quality support and 10+ years’ experience to ensure that your issues are solved quickly by recognizable members of a team who together have a wealth of experience in IT support sector. Added to the fact that you will be provided with the best high standard equipment to reduce the number of problems your users may face in their day to day activities. You can rely on our highly trained support team which will save your business money by solving problems quickly and efficiently. We deliver the support you need, saving you time and keeping your people working.

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Some of our Success Stories

Fast Communication And Support!

ItCon’s service has help us reduce our time and effort spend on negotiating contracts with vendors. This is the first time I’m saying this to a vendor, you guys should reach out more often and tell us what other services or product offerings you provide because we love working with ItCon. Their fast communication and support make them a great vendor to have as part of our team.

Mike Wu Chief Executive Officer
AgilePoint, Inc

First-Class Corporate It And Cyber Security Infrastructure!

As the founder of Yes I Can Services in Brooklyn, New York, I know how important it is to have a solid foundation for sharing data and communication; and when your team is mostly ‘virtual’ - spread out across the country and Internationally - this becomes even more important. And given the fact that I’ve been spoiled by having first-class corporate IT and cyber security infrastructure, I wasn’t about to settle for anything less than the best for keeping our mission-critical applications, data and communications working. That’s why I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to ItCon. They have incorporated redundant systems with a dependable backup strategy which has guaranteed us constant up-time and easy access for my team to all of our network resources. I have referred ItCon to my colleagues and have received nothing but positive comments on their expertise, responsiveness and attention to providing top notch services.

Simcha Feller Chief Executive Officer
Yes I Can

ItCon Has Taken The Burden Off My Back!

When we were with our previous IT company, the executives in our company were misled into thinking that our network is being monitored properly and a simple local backup created should suffice. Until our network was hit by the well-known malware “ransomware”. This malware paralyzed our entire operation for 10 full days. Even after we were back up and running, due to the lack of proper backup, our agency lost tremendous amount of data which we were not able to recover. So if anyone thinks that monitoring is really not needed, or backups are not as necessary, I can tell them first hand that sooner or later they will get hit You have to be able to prevent the disease and have the cure handy as well. Thanks to ItCon and their Business Care program, the entire burden of computer support has been taken off my back, and I don’t have to worry about security threats or downtime. Now we are getting regular Microsoft updates, virus updates, spyware is being scanned and removed, the temporary files are getting cleaned up, and our backups are being taken care of. It’s really helped speed up our network, our programs run better, and we don’t have the recurring problems that we had in the past. It’s really rare to find an IT and cyber security company that caters to Businesses like ours and get the support they provide. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished here and since ItCon has become part of our team, we have hired and branched out more. We never feel that any other client take priority over our company. Each Employee in ItCon has the support, knowledge and sophistication needed, yet manage to give that personal attention to each and every employee at our company. You would think Moshe, who is the CTO, doesn’t have any other customers because he’s always available never have imagined back when things were cruising along. Our business has grown so much since ItCon has come on board. I truly believe that ItCon helped us grow and helped us get and maintain the clients that we have. I think it’s wonderful. Goodbye Problems, Hello Safety and Security!

Rachamim Hakakian Rachamim Hakakian Director of Operations
Yedei Chesed