An in house IT department is costly and a hassle to manage. A break/fix IT guy may not proactively manage your systems. With us as your IT partner, you’ll lower costs and get support you can rely on.

How quickly could your organization be back up and running after a disaster? Could you bounce back from a flood, a fire, a server crash or even internal or external theft? Don’t risk losing what you’ve worked so hard for. With us by your side, we’ll help you get back up and running in the event of a crisis.

Cut back on IT expenditure with server colocation, off site databases and hosted email exchanges. Our virtualization solutions enable powerful collaboration and communication, without you having to purchase more hardware.

It can be tempting for small business owners to compromise when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest software and applications; after all, they can be prohibitively expensive. Let us purchase and host your software for you.

Advanced software gives your company the edge, but it can be expensive to purchase license and host all the applications you need. The good news is, we can host the applications for you and you pay us as you go thereby avoiding prohibitive up front costs and software ownership fees.

If you want to encourage more collaboration among your staff, lower your IT costs and eliminate expensive upgrades, cloud computing is the answer. We can help you make the move to the cloud so you can take advantage of this groundbreaking technology.

Your server is the backbone of your technology, and if it’s not performing at its peak, then you’re not getting the best possible return on your IT investment. We’ll make sure your server supports your business.

Some projects go better with a little expert guidance. We can help by setting realistic goals, establishing ground rules and expectations and making sure that everyone is on the same page. We can then help with all execution and monitoring of projects to ensure things go smoothly from day one to closing.

We maintain, monitor and manage your network so your company can enjoy maximum productivity and security. You wouldn’t leave confidential files lying around so why take similar risks with your network? Your privacy is safe with us.

Why risk everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve? Fires, floods, thefts and server crashes will negatively impact your business in more ways than one. Get peace of mind with our secured backup services.